Friday, June 10, 2016


After many years at Blogger I've decided to move to a new blog! I've contemplated this for awhile. I've not been all that happy with the process/interface for posting to Blogger. Posting text or embedded YouTube videos is fairly easy but adding images is a bit of a pain, particularly when posting from the iPad which is my primary method of posting. And I almost always want to post at least one image with any text I have. So, I'll be moving to my own domain at which will be hosted on WordPress. A much better experience.

I may continue cross posting here for awhile but anything I post will be without accompanying images. So, for the best experience please consider following me over to the new address. And while I've moved all of my posts over to the new domain I'll leave this blog just for purposes of having an archive for some of the more popular, older posts that are in the google machine. Hope to see you at the new diggs!!