Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel's violence is really starting to piss me off

Rather than post something that would be more emotion than anything, I'll post this from the RadGeek as well as some other links that I think hit it on the head. I will add though, that it's not just this disproportionate violence by Israel against Lebanon and the residents of the Gaza strip, but also the incredible bias of the U.S. media. Of course, yes, I expect the U.S. media to exhibit bias but it still pisses me the fuck off. And with that I'll stop before I write something I regret.

The RadGeek discusses the Proportionality of the recent violence leveled by Israel against Lebanon:

So in Israel, one civilian was murdered. Eight soldiers were killed in combat and two captured. In the process of retaliating, Israeli forces have slaughtered 27 civilians, including 10 children, who had nothing in particular to do with the attack. They have bombed out bridges, destroyed roads, and bombed the country’s main airport (which had no connection with Hizbollah’s attacks and is far away from Hizbollah’s base of power in Southern Lebanon). They show no signs of letting up: this deaths and destruction is only the beginning.

and against the residents of the Gaza Strip:
So in Israel, one civilian was murdered, two soldiers were killed in combat, and one captured. Residents of towns near the Gaza strip have suffered some fright and some property damage from poorly-aimed rocket attacks. In the process of retaliating, Israeli forces have killed some 70 people, many of them children or other civilians who had nothing in particular to do with the attacks. They have also deliberately torn up farms, bombed bridges, destroyed school buildings, and the main civliian power plant. They show no signs of letting up: this death and destruction is only the beginning.


The murder of civilians by Palestinian or Lebanese terrorists is criminal, and those who committed the murders can be stopped from committing further crimes through the use of violence, if necessary. But the right to use force against someone does not mean the right to use any amount of force necessary against anyone at all in the process of stopping her. It’s true that if you really are willing to do everything in retaliation for the kidnapping of a soldier, or attacks on your forces, or attacks on civilians, then this is included. Any atrocity at all is included in doing everything, and that is precisely why the willingness to do everything in retaliation for an attack, no matter what the cost to innocent third parties, is a moral crime of the first order. Destroying the lives and livehlihoods of scores of innocent people in the process of trying to stop the murder of one or two other innocents is criminal. Destroying the lives and livelihoods of scores of innocent people in the process of trying to avenge the death or capture of a handful of soldiers in combat — the primary justification given by the Israeli government for these campaigns — is nothing less than an atrocity.

There are several recent posts by the Angry White Kid regarding Israel's aggressions that are worth checking:
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Also, there's always Juan Cole's Informed Comment which is one of my daily reads.

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  1. what a MORON!!! Thousands of rockets shot off into Israel from Lebanon, and after requesting, then finally demanding that Lebanon do something about it, they go in themselves and do something about it...and Israel is violent???? Were they supposed to just sit there allowing their citizens to be rained down upon with explosives, having to hide up in shelters??? How stupid can you be? What if some terrorists in Canada were raining down rockets upon US citizens, and Canada refused to do anything about it...wouldn't you expect your government to protect you?

  2. interesting that you start out with name calling. in any case, you can ignore the facts if you'd like but the facts are that israel responded with an excess of violence just as they do against the palestinians.

    yes, israel is violent in this instance and in others. specifically, israel is disproportionately violent.

    my guess, from your tone here, is that you have bought into the "terrorist" threat... terrorism, terrorism, terrorism. it's the wrong path, it's governance by fear and manipulation.